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I noticed your recent article on Aion about starting to take trolling behavior more seriously on your forum and ingame. I dare state that trolling behavior in guild wars is a major issue. Many will quit a game if trolled a lot, many will stop partaking in a particular part of a game if trolled there a lot, some will start trolling back which is also uncool. Point being, trolling behavior is abusive to the one's trolled. I've been playing gw for years on end now and have seen trolling behavior get worse as time ticks...why?, probably has something to do with the possibility that they getting no consequences for it. unaddressed negative effecting issues are always the downfall of any game. Match Manipulators and Trolls seem to get away with it a lot. You say leaving rounds isn't considered a violation or match manipulating so some take it upon themselves to "repeatedly and deliberately leave pvp rounds". You also state many times over, "can't see where they ""meant"" any negative thing or violation" when it comes to trolling so again they get away with it and repeatedly troll people, especially those they know report cuz they know they getting away with it and being effective at ruining another's gaming experience which is totally against the rules of conduct of most any game. Please address the trolls as trolling others with any excuse is distorted thinking as it only supports and promotes the abusive behavior. Also note most trolling takes place in outposts, but sometimes also continues on into a pvp round itself also disrupting that round. But also note quickly if most trolling goes on in outposts that the excuse of it's a pvp tactic does not apply, and even if it did, TROLLING IS ABUSIVE.