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Limit use for players[edit]

While this being a nice idea overall, I doubt it will be a good idea to have a newspaper full of ads by player wanting to sell stuff or recruit. I don't think many players will actually read those. While being extremely fun and informative however, something that is done now with the War in Kryta, but to a greater extend, would be a good idea however. Though being in a moving world with things happening all the time, storing these endlessly will lead to a whole trash heap of needless information. I would say an informative newspaper about the happenings of the day every day/week/month would be nice. (With maybe a high cost) people can submit things to enter in the newspaper. Funny stories, player fanfics, and things like that. But I think some hefty screening before all this would be alot better. Daily also seems alot of work to manage, though. an automated system could be made, but would be less nice to read. But I like the overall concept of a newspaper in a way that is reasonable. :P (Frizz 16:09, 1 June 2010 (UTC))

It depends on what people want to do. If they want to trade stuff, they read that, if they want to be in a guild they read that. It's maybe a good idea to put the newspaper in diffrent sections. Guild, Trade, Events.. etc.. I guess that would be the best for all the readers, because they can go to what they want to read. I'm not sure when newspapers should be released, maybe one every week. I'm not sure. Thank you for your reply. --Posted by eleljrk. 10:13, 2 June 2010 (UTC)

I think the trade/guild/other player advertised things shouldn't be included in such an object, a town message board would be much better for that stuff.

I think it should be used, instead of in-game made up stuff, for showing info on the lastest game update or patch or whatever.