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Guild Rules[edit]

Guild Rules Archive

1. All members are encouraged to try and be active online and willing to participate with other guild members when possible (doing missions, quests, title acquisition, power-leveling, team farming and special events, etc.) [HoL] fully understands that real-life issues can and do happen and cannot be helped. However, if you are going to be absent for an extended duration, please contact either your guild leader or officers. Your place within the guild will not be removed due to inactivity, at this time.

2. Treat others with respect. Don't use offensive character names. Don't use excessive offensive/foul language. Never harass others for any reason, whether about their personal life or their gameplay choices. Just simply maintain a mature and positive attitude. Fail to be respectful and you will be warned; if this continues, you will be removed from the House of Lefem [HoL] and will not be permitted to return.

2a. As far as profanity, we understand that it may slip out and some use it from time-to-time in a way not meant to insult someone else. This is a world-wide game environment; things can, do, and WILL happen from time to time that may cause you to bleep out a real-life word and replace it with another less recognizable word. Use of fictional slang such as frack is fine with [HoL].

3. You are responsible for your account. If any violations occur due to "other persons" using your account, you will be held responsible. This includes any violations of the EULA as well.

4. To prevent any possible ill-intended removal of members, all current and new members after a period of up to 5 days from joining will be promoted to rank of officer by either the guild leader or another officer. This is to insure our membership is not depleted by a disgruntled officer, and also that we can communicate via the message board and be able to recruit.

5. [HoL] does not require its members to purchase all campaigns and expansions, but recommends that members have a good understanding and awareness of content outside their purchased product(s).

6. [HoL] believes that everything can be resolved in a courteous manner and in a peaceful precedence. Therefore, we cannot tolerate actions that result in a negative community impact, such as griefing (causing trouble to others for one's own enjoyment), unnecessary and excessive profanity, scamming, and distasteful begging (asking if anyone has or needs a spare item is fine, but repeatedly spamming the chat channels and annoying others with PMs is not the way to go about it). We simply ask that our members to be responsible for their own words and actions.

7. [HoL] does not require its members to have certain character types (such as a dedicated PvP Character) or achievements (title, rank, etc.), but our members are encouraged to have knowledge of the basic game mechanics and the ability and courtesy to work with others on improving theirs. They should also be willing to learn and improve their own skills constantly and are encouraged to share any of that knowledge with others.

8. Please remember, this is only a game. "Have Fun!"