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Rejected policy proposal

This page is a rejected policy proposal.

It has been unable to gain consensual support or it was replaced by an improved proposal.


This policy deals with activity requirements for users in the roles of sysop and bureaucrat.


This policy is subject to bureaucrat discretion, and is overridden by GWW:ADMIN in the event of a conflict in policy.

  • Users in either administrator role must show signs of life on the wiki or an acknowledged guild wars community[1] at least <3/1> times over the course of <6/12> months.
  • Users who do not show signs of life as outlined above will be directly solicited by a bureaucrat (if available, if not then a sysop [if available, if not then a <user/anet liaison>])[2] for feedback regarding their continued willingness/ability to perform the role entrusted to them by the community.
    • Users who respond should prepare a statement on why they've done nothing for the last <6/12> months, to be judged by a bureaucrat (or a community discussion?)
    • If they remain unresponsive for <14/48> days after a direct request, they will be removed from the role of <sysop/ bureaucrat>.

In the event all sysops and bureaucrats remain unresponsive, initiate wiki-wide self-destruct (or ask an anet wiki liaison to appoint a new bureaucrat)

In addition, they are required to perform a minimum of <5/2> <sysop/bureaucrat> tasks every <2/3> years, as long as <5*(1/2 * # current ttl admins)/2*(1/2 * # current bureaucrats)> total actions have been required in that time-frame.

  1. ^ see list at end of policy.
  2. ^ via a pre-approved channel by the user.

Known future inactivity[edit]

In the event that a <sysop/bureaucrat> knows they will be inactive for an extended period of time, they may request a suspension of their role for the duration of the inactivity. When the user returns, they may request a reinstatement of their previous role, without having to re-initiate a GWW:RFA

Returning after unexpected long-term inactivity[edit]

If a <sysop/bureaucrat> is inactive for for long enough for them to get demoted, and then they randomly show up later, they can probably get their position back by promising to be active again and abide by this policy or whatever. This should be a one-strike-and-you're-out exception, though. No consecutive "oops I forgot to exist"s allowed.

Policy start date / retroactive[edit]

Policy is effective starting 20XX-XX-XX, and (excluding standby) does not retroactively apply to any current users (all will be treated as if they were active "yesterday").


  • If a sysop decides they want a lower level of commitment, they may put themselves on standby for up to 5 years, suspending any activity requirements for the duration[1].
  • If a sysop is in standby mode and exceeds the above limit without any communication, they will be immediately removed from their role without being contacted.
  • No more than 75% of the current roster of sysops may be on standby at any given time. Standby is applied retroactively for all current sysops.
  • Bcrats can't go on standby. Too important. Need to step down? nominate a successor.
  1. ^ users on standby must still respond to direct solicitation, in the same timeframe as the above window.

"signs of life" - communities[edit]

  • Sysop must have previously confirmed their identity on both their wiki account and the account associated with the outside community (similar to sock puppet/user merge confirmations)
  1. edits or sysop activity - this wiki.
  2. logging-in - guild wars
  3. Posting - #gw1w channel of the GW2W discord
  4. Posting - #gww channel on gamesurge.
  5. Posting - Pre-Searing community forum
  6. Posting - Guild Wars Legacy forum
  7. edits or sysop activity - any approved gw1 wiki (, pvx, ...)
  8. Posting - Guild Wars Subreddit
  9. Posting - Guild Wars Global discord
  10. Discussing a guild wars-related topic - public guild wars facebook group
  11. Discussing a guild wars-related topic - public twitter conversation (too broad?)

Informal draft to get ideas down on paper. Obviously has to be cleaned up before becoming official in any way, but I'd like to get a discussion going around it regardless.