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Standby Admins[edit]

With the maturity of the wiki, the low frequency and limited scope of game updates leading to reduced overall activity in recent years, and use of automated administrative tools, the need for everyday admin engagement on the wiki is less than in times past. In order to keep the admin team robust for times when they are needed, any admin may mark themselves with the 'Standby' status on the admin list, indicating that while they aren't regularly engaged in day-to-day affairs, they are willing to stay on-call to step in if contacted. Such admins should ensure that they have their site preferences set to notify them by e-mail when their user talk page is edited.

Should a Standby Admin have a period of extended "known unavailability" upcoming, where they will be unable to access the wiki; the admin should leave a note on their talk page indicating the period of intended absence, so as to ensure editors know not to attempt to contact them during this time and not to await a response. Periods of "known unavailability" should not extend beyond a combined period of 2 months per year.

Admins who do not respond to their talk page in a timely manner will be presumed to have retired from their adminship and their admin rights removed as a site security measure. The general expectation is that a standby admin should typically be responsive the same or next day, but 2 weeks will be given before removal of rights to accomodate unknown one-off circumstances. However, an admin who regularly takes several days or longer to respond may be subject to a call for Reconfirmation at the community's discretion. If an admin hasn't been heard from in a while, even if no direct requests have been made of them, the community may attempt to contact them to establish that they remain contactable.

Should an admin return after presumed retirement and wish to resume admin duties, Bureaucrats will use their discretion whether the rights should be immediately restored or a new RFA is needed.

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