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This page is an official policy on the Guild Wars Wiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow.

This policy deals with the posting of builds on the wiki. Our aim is to document the proven concepts or ideas behind builds, not specific skill bars and attribute sets. Any such build article must comply with the criteria laid out in this policy.

Common builds[edit]

Articles for build concepts should provide information at a general level, describing common archetypes or well known builds commonly used in the game.

Commonly used is defined as having any of the following attributes:

  • Frequently requested by name in either PvE or PvP outposts.
  • Frequently seen in observer mode.
  • Frequently discussed or talked about in at least a few public user forums.

This implies that there is already a name or nickname associated with such a build concept. It is an automatic rejection if a certain build cannot be referred to by a name that is generally understood. For borderline cases, discussions should be carried out to garner a strong majority (preferably a consensus) to either retain a particular build concept, to merge it with another, or to remove it altogether.

As such, build articles are expected to primarily explain the key concept or concepts of a build, how it works, its enablers, strengths, weaknesses, and potential variations. The focus of the article seeks to provide an understanding of the ideas behind the build. Actual build examples, while allowed, are secondary to the explanations, and should only serve to illustrate the ideas that were explained. Only the core skill bar with the mandatory skills should be present, not an example with optional skills. If the explanations are already clear on the concept (such as there being only a small number of skills involved), then examples are not needed.

Obsolete builds[edit]

A build concept or variant that is no longer popular and no longer commonly used is considered obsolete. Such build articles need to clearly show that they have become obsolete, preferably with a short explanation on the reason for the drop in popularity (such as game mechanic changes, nerfs, the meta game, etc.).

If a new build concept replaced or superceded an old concept, link the old concept to the new. But, if it is more appropriate to simply adapt the old article to the new concept, adaptation is preferred, while maintaining notes regarding its evolution.

All other builds[edit]

Uncommon builds or user builds should be placed in the user namespace; they are not allowed in the main namespace.

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