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Rejected policy proposal

This page is a rejected policy proposal.

It has been unable to gain consensual support or it was replaced by an improved proposal.

Request for Record Wipe or quite simply enough, RFRW. Everyone here on Guild Wars Wiki has a record, be it good, bad or neutral. The only problem is, it never goes away. The best you could do it maybe Archive it, but it will always remain as an ink splot, no matter what you do. The whole concept of this Policy is to request a way to remove those ink splots. This decided similar to the way voting is in GWW:RFA, in which users vote for people who nominate themselves to get a Request for Record Wipe. If the Request passes, a Sysop will delete anything on your talk page which he/she deems would be considered an ink spot on your record.

Starting a RFRW[edit]

RFRWs should not be started for:

  • someone else, unless there is a clear acceptance in the "Pending nominations" section below. If it is an RFRW for yourself, you should be logged in before starting.
  • IP accounts
  • someone with another active RFRW
  • someone with an unsuccessful RFRW that closed less than 1 month ago (unless there is good reason, one should wait 2 to 3 months to generally avoid being viewed as trying too often)

To start an RFRW:

  1. Archive any existing RFRW for the candidate by moving it to "Guild Wars Wiki:Requests for Record Wipe/Username/Archive 1" (or Archive 2, etc as necessary) along with its talk page.
  2. Create the RFRW page for the candidate:
    The page should start with the candidate's user name as a level 3 section heading (with the rest of the page under that heading) and include: a link to their user page, a link to their user talk page, a link to their list of contributions, the time of creation, a section for the candidate statement, and separate obvious sections for Support/Oppose/Neutral opinions.
    1. Manually edit "Guild Wars Wiki:Requests for Record Wipe/Username" into {{subst:Project:Requests for Record Wipe/base template}}, which automatically fills it in using the template at Guild Wars Wiki:Requests for Record Wipe/base template.
    2. Alternatively, change the USERNAME part in the following textbox with the name of the user the RFRW is started for, and press the Start RFRW page-button: <createbox> preload=Project:Requests for Record Wipe/base template default=Guild Wars Wiki:Requests for Record Wipe/USERNAME buttonlabel=Start RFRW page width=50 align=left </createbox>
  3. Fill in the candidate statement as appropriate.
  4. Add the page to the list of current RFRWs below.

Resolving an RFRW[edit]

While an RFRW is active (not resolved), any user is welcome to give their opinion within it. Short explanations are encouraged, but avoid personal attacks; consider simply giving links to evidence if necessary, and keeping criticism constructive. Please be sure to make your reasons for support or opposition valid with some recent examples. Please refrain from using old, outdated info as if you used that, it would kill the whole point of having a Request for Record Wipe. Keep in mind of recent contributions of how people are trying to better/wreck the Wiki. If the user who is requesting the RFRW can prove that an opposition vote it invalid, then the vote it struck out. Please keep the evidence of the opposition being invalid to the discussion pages, not on the project pages.

RFRWs that have been properly created can be resolved in any of these ways:

  • The candidate withdrawing (for any or no reason) automatically fails the RFRW.
  • An active RFRW is to last roughly one week. A bureaucrat should then close it and determine the result. In general, a successful RFRW has more support compared to opposition -- but it is not a simple tally. Bureaucrats are to use their discretion in gauging/interpreting the amount of support/opposition.

To close an RFRW:

  1. Edit the RFRW page, adding a notice like: {{notice|This RFRW has been resolved. Please do not add further support/oppose opinions.}}.
  2. Edit the page to reflect the result (whether the RFRW was successful or not, and change any categorization appropriately).
  3. Remove it from the list of current RFRWs below.
  4. Delete any ink blots on user talk page if appropriate.

Pending nominations[edit]

To nominate yourself, add a statement below (signed). If you have nominated yourself, you may also want to provide a candidate statement to be used in your RFRW (or just start the RFRW yourself).

Stale or resolved nominations should be cleaned out of this section periodically.

I nominate...

List of current RFRWs[edit]

Add {{Guild Wars Wiki:Requests for Record Wipe/USERNAME}} to the top of this list (replacing USERNAME with the candidate's name).

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