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Request for the AbuseFilter extension[edit]

MediaWiki configuration
Additional software requirements
Additional server-side maintenance requirements
The following lines will need to be added to/modified in LocalSettings.php
$wgAbuseFilterEmergencyDisableThreshold = 2;
$wgAbuseFilterEmergencyDisableAge = 0;
Additional change:
$wgAbuseFilterBlockDuration = '3 days';
Reason for request
This disables the self-throttling of AbuseFilter, allowing it to handle large, concentrated spurts of vandalism without disabling itself. It is particularly needed if we ever have to invoke the Big Red Button (BRB). The BRB is a worst-case scenario filter that disables all IP edits. Such a use of the BRB would easily hit any limits placed on the AbuseFilter.
Update: In addition to removing the limits, we'd also like to be able to use the automatic block functionality. With a duration of infinite, it is completely unusable. Changing it to a standard duration is more manageable and anything beyond that can be handled by admins.
What else uses it
It is used on all wikis of the wikimedia family, but not necessarily at this configuration
Possible pitfalls
If the sysop team is unaware or not actively monitoring the system, some filters could inadvertently be consistently blocking good edits.