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Request for AlternativeUserTalk[edit]

Notify, core extension
Additional requirements
Installation notes
Extract the downloaded archive into the directory /extensions/AlternativeUserTalk/ and add the following line to /LocalSettings.php:
require_once( "$IP/extensions/AlternativeUserTalk/AlternativeUserTalk.php" );
Reason for the request
With the addition of the Feedback namespace the developer talk pages were moved there to allow the use of feedback on them. Moving the user talk pages however removed the important feature of "new messages" notifications for affected developers, so they will no longer be notified when the user talk page (in the feedback namespace) gets changed.
This extension was developed to fix exactly that and allows alternative user talk pages while enabling the whole "new messages" notifications for those pages.
What else uses it
The extension was created for the Guild Wars Wiki, so it is not yet used anywhere else.