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Request for the Category tree extension[edit]

MediaWiki extension
Additional software requirements
Installation notes
The most current version of this extension is only compatible to MediaWiki 1.13+. However extension revisions between r30515 and r36772 should work for MediaWiki 1.12.
There are also configuration settings available, but the default settings can be kept.
Reason for request
The CategoryTree extension adds [+] "expand" widgets to the subcategories listed on category pages. If Javascript is disabled, those widgets takes you to the category page (in earlier versions, it did nothing in that case). This gives us a tool to more easily identify and manage categories.
What else uses it
It is used on all wikis of the wikimedia family.
Possible pitfalls
Due to the changed code on category pages, automated scripts parsing the category page using the index.php might have problems. A notree GET parameter can be used to temporarily disable the AJAX view of the category listing.