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Request for disabling hard 302 redirects[edit]

MediaWiki configuration
The current inter-wiki linking configuration allows for "hard" 302 redirects to other sites. For example, this allows people to unexpectedly be redirected to a different site (i.e. Wikipedia, Wikia, and commons). Currently, this feature is only used for the redirecting Game_link entries using the target self:, but the inter-wiki redirects to Wikipedia have been misused by vandals in the past (best example was someone redirecting his userpage to a somewhat obscene Wikipedia article). As there is no beneficial reason for us to retain these redirects at the moment, we would like to request that they be disabled.
Changing the iw_local value for all non-self: redirects should disable them. See this conversation for details on how incorrect iw_local values disabled self: 302 redirects.
Possible pitfalls
None, as long as self: interwiki links are not disabled in the process.