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Request for DismissableSiteNoticePlus[edit]

Unofficial update/customization for the installed DismissableSiteNotice extension
Installation notes
The files for DismissableSiteNoticePlus are available here:
To update the extension, just replace the DismissableSiteNotice.php with the existing file in the /extensions/DismissableSiteNotice folder (the .php5 is just for compatibility with other servers and the .i18n.php is a copy of the original file, so they don't need to be replaced/uploaded)
Reason for request
This update to the original DismissableSiteNotice allows unregistered users to dismiss the site notice and improves the way it hides the notice. In detail there will no longer be javascript used to not display the text, instead the site notice is not even generated on server-side, so it also should display faster.
Possible pitfalls
As this is an unofficial update to the extension, future updates of the original DismissableSiteNotice may include features that won't be included in this update. However due to the fact that the update is installed by simply replacing, there is no problem in reverting to the original versions later when there are real changes for example for compatibility with future MediaWiki versions.
Also I still plan to take a look at future versions of the DismissableSiteNotice extension, to check whether an update of the Plus version would be necessary or not.