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Request for Inter-wiki linking[edit]

MediaWiki configuration
Inter-wiki linking provides an easier way for editors to link to other wikis. For example, [[Wikipedia:Name]] would link to the "Name" article on Wikipedia. In many cases articles in Guild Wars relate in some way to real world objects or events. Linking to Wikipedia is a useful way of informing readers of this relation. While inter-wiki links could be implemented for many wikis, at present there is only consensus to implement inter-wiki linking to Wikipedia.
Linking in this manner shows the link in a more pale color than intra-wiki links. Using the pipleine "|" after the article's name removes wikipedia's name from the link. For example [[Wikiquote:William Shakespeare|]] appears as William Shakespeare while links to articles in this wiki appear as: Guild Wars.
Possible pitfalls
None foreseen if only implemented for Wikipedia.