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Request for MWSearch[edit]

Backend modifications & extension
Additional requirements
Java 6+ JDK, Apache Ant 1.6 to install the required lucene search engine as a daemon on the server
Installation notes
The installation is a bit complicated as the daemon needs to be set up first, before the actual extension can be installed.
  • Make sure that $wgDBadminuser and $wgDBadminpassword are set correctly in either /AdminSettings.php or /LocalSettings.php (starting with MW 1.16, the former will no longer be shipped, and the configuration moves to /LocalSettings.php).
  • Download the latest stable release of lucene search, and build the packet:
./configure /path/to/wiki/root
  • Download the MWSearch extension, extract the content into /extensions/MWSearch/ and add the following lines to /LocalSettings.php:
$wgSearchType = 'LuceneSearch';
$wgLuceneHost = '';
$wgLucenePort = 8123;

require_once( "$IP/extensions/MWSearch/MWSearch.php" );
$wgLuceneSearchVersion = 2.1;
  • Start ./lsearchd as a background daemon.
Reason for the request
The lucene search engine greatly improves the performance and quality of search results.
What else uses it
It is used on the whole WikiMedia farm.