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Request for user CSS and JS[edit]

MediaWiki configuration
Additional software requirements
Additional server-side maintenance requirements
The following need to be added to LocalSettings.php:
$wgEnableUserCss = true;
$wgEnableUserJs = true;
Reason for request
User CSS and JS allows registered users to configure the look and feel of the wiki to suit their preferences. For example, they may use CSS to switch the fonts to serif and change the placement of various boxes, or use JS to hide images used in signatures and re-configure the keyboard shortcuts. This greatly enhances the usability of the site for these users. Note that this only changes how the pages appear to the users who choose to use user CSS and JS when they're logged in; it cannot affect any other user. Also note that user CSS and JS pages are protected by default to allow only the user (or an administrator) to modify them; thus, no malicious user can change the appearance of the wiki for other users.
What else uses it
All Wikimedia projects have user CSS and JS enabled, as does GuildWiki.
Possible pitfalls
  1. User JS can make them susceptible to cross-site scripting attacks, but only if they are careless enough to call external Javascript programs not under their own control.
  2. User JS can potentially cause increased server-side load if users use it to do strange things such as using xmlHttpRequest() to load a number of other pages. Note that this does not increase their ability to perform denial-of-service on the site, as the equivalent load can be simulated easily by having them run the requisite number of wgets. Also note that IIS has several automatic throttling mechanisms built in to prevent just this sort of DOS attacks.