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Request to remove Guild: namespace from Special:Wantedpages[edit]

MediaWiki code modification
Additional software requirements
Reason for request
Currently Special:Wantedpages is filled with missing Guild namespace pages. This reduces the usefulness of this tool as gaps in the guild name space aren't something a general wiki editor is able to do something about. Removing the wanted pages from the Guild namespace will make this page useful again.
Change required & example link
A modification is required to includes/SpecialWantedpages.php. The sql which selects the rows to display can be modified to eliminate rows with the Guild namespace id. An example of a similar change can be seen here (Method 2 step 3).
Possible pitfalls
It is a change to mediawiki code not configuration - this is somewhat riskier. However, the change is restricted to a single page making the worst case having the wanted page temporarily disabled. As a code change this could mean the change has to reapplied if there are significant upgrades to the wiki software. There are no performance or security implications for the change.