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Policy draft

This page is currently a policy draft.

It is being expanded or revised; if consensus is reached on the talk page, it will become an official policy.


Undeclared sockpuppets are not allowed.


Sockpuppets are all accounts past the first one that are used by one person.

The working of Guild Wars Wiki depends on being able to identify users. Undeclared sockpuppets can be used to wrongly convey consensus, to sway votes or to break wiki rules while escaping punishment on the main account. Therefore, undeclared sockpuppets are not allowed.

Declaring a sockpuppet[edit]

Sockpuppets can be declared by clearly linking all used accounts in an accessible place (e.g. putting a link to the main account onto the sockpuppet's user page and vice versa). Potential repercussions from policy violations on any account will affect all accounts by the same user.