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The Guild Wars Wiki uses several templates designed to make editing swifter, smoother and to give similar pages a similar look. Follow this link for a quick tutorial in wiki template coding.

Overview of known templates/tags in GuildWars-Wiki[edit]

Mark a page or section as a stub (needs more information)[edit]


Clarifying redirects[edit]


Mark an image with its licencing status[edit]

{{Arenanet image}}
{{Fansite kit image}}
{{Guild image}}
{{User image}}

Move the Table of Contents to the right[edit]


Mark descriptions according to their origin[edit]


Mark a page for deletion[edit]

{{delete|Enter reason here}}
Example: {{delete|Has been renamed to [[:Category:Has Sunspear bounties]].}}

Mark a page for moving/renaming to another page[edit]

{{move|Enter destination here}}
Example: {{move|Category:Has Sunspear bounties}}

Create a userbox[edit]

{{userbox|#Color1|#Color2|[[Image:Name of the Image|size]]|Enter text here}}
Example: {{userbox|#969|#FAE|[[Image:Signet of Capture.jpg|45px]]|All of this user's wiki skills were captured from dead wiki bosses}}