Guild Wars on Eee PC

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Warning-Logo.png Warning: Running Guild Wars on a non-Windows operating system, or with any other computer which does not meet the system requirements, is completely unsupported by ArenaNet and NCSoft.

A short guide about running Guild Wars on an ASUS Eee PC.


To run Guild Wars, you need to install a Windows Operating System like Windows XP. It is also noted that Guild Wars will also run under Wine (including the commercial version Crossover) with much success, but is not supported (though it's not against the rules, and will not get you banned). As a full installation of Guild Wars requires about 4 GB and the Eee PC will be shipped with 2-8 GB, you should use an external storage (for example a USB stick) as the target location for the Guild Wars installation. It is also possible to use less space for the installation if you avoid downloading the full Guild Wars data file. This is not a very fast playing game on the eee pc, even the higher end ones, even with a very slim operating system.


As the Eee PC has only a 900 MHz CPU (or more) and 512 MB RAM up to a GB usually, the performance is mediocre at best. This means that it is not really possible for an enjoyable playing session but it is possible for simpler tasks like transferring items and trading.

800*480 - 1024*600 screen[edit]

Scrolling may be unavoidable even when playing in full-screen mode. If you do intend to play Guild Wars on the Eee PC (most likely just PvE), it is recommended to rearrange your dialog windows (default shortcut key F11) to remove the need to scroll.