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Warning-Logo.png Warning: Running Guild Wars on a non-Windows operating system, or with any other computer which does not meet the system requirements, is completely unsupported by ArenaNet and NCSoft.

Installing Wine from sources[edit]

Visit winehq and download the latest version of the wine source code. Current release is 2.10. To install Wine from source code you will need the following package


Move the package into your home directory, extract it and cd into its root directory. For example, the following commands might work.

tar xfjv wine-2.10.tar.xz
cd wine-2.10

Because Wine software evolves a lot, it is possible that upgrading to a future version will break Guild wars. To avoid this problem, it is suggested that Wine is installed at a location specific to it version. It is possible, in this fashion to test future releases without breaking the current installation. The configure script will be used with the --prefix= flag like this:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/wine-2.10

Once the software is configured for your system, we will need to build it. This step can take awhile.


If no errors are reported we can install Wine on the system. This step will require administrator privileges.

sudo make install
<enter your password>

Because Wine was installed in a non-expected location, its path must be add to the environment variable $PATH before using either its configuration tool or Wine itself. In every shell that will be using wine use the following:

export PATH=/usr/local/wine-VERSION/bin:$PATH

Where VERSION is the version of Wine you want to use. For example

export PATH=/usr/local/wine-2.10/bin:$PATH

Alternatively, you can add the previous export into your local shell initialization script. If using Bash, append it into ~/.bashrc. Do not forget to update that line the next time a newer version of Wine is installed. At this point you can use winecfg to adjust your Wine environment such as your C: drive location, what sound interface to use and what version of Microsoft Windows will be reported to running programs. The next part of the article will assume ~/.wine/drive_c is the path for C:

Continue on Guild Wars on Wine to complet the GuildWars client installation.