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Locations: Lion's Arch and Kamadan, Jewel of Istan (during Wintersday and for one week after)
Collecting: 1 Frozen Accessory Token

Item (introduction year)
Horns of Grenth.png Horns of Grenth (2005)
Jester's Cap.png Jester's Cap (2006)
Great Horns of Grenth.png Great Horns of Grenth (2006)
Ice Crown.png Ice Crown (2007)
Grentch Cap.png Grentch Cap (2008)
Ice Shard Crest.png Ice Shard Crest (2009)
Demonic Horns.png Demonic Horns (2010)
Stylish Red Striped Scarf.png Stylish Red Striped Scarf (2011)
Wintersday Grab Bag.png Wintersday Grab Bag (2012)