Master Over Minions Minion Bash!

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Halloween 2007.jpg

  • This event is now historical.
  • Hello all you Ghouls out there! It's Master Over Minions! The lord of undead! What? You've never heard of me? Didn't the Lich say something about me? Oh well he was quite worthless I must admit. Well the time is coming now! The moon has been raised into the sky and the wolfs howls let fly!
  • Sorry to cut things a tad short but this event will start at 11:45 GMT and end at 13:00 GMT, games will be mixed up as with my other events, I jsut noticed people enjoyed it more :)
  • 30th October: Lions Arch:Asia Jap Dis 1 (Few people there so people not interested won't come.)

  • There was a good deal of rewards givin out, 30 random dye colors (maybe a white or black somewhere in there), 30 tonics,and "other" rewards. Some of these other rewards were halloween junk and a mini unded nian.
  • I will be catering for 99 people (a dis).
  • For now a Ghoulish Goodbye! And feel free to tape my event on YouTube.
  • Congrats to the big winners Yumi and Link!

Lion's Arch Halloween 2006.jpg

The Savior 11:35, 3 October 2009 (UTC)