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Perfect in Synergy with Greater Conflagration[edit]

This skill is perfect if you use both this and Greater Conflagration.

Hell's Precipice[edit]

Anyone doing this mission, especially on hard mode, would do well to consider bringing this and also making their heroes use it too, they reapply it even out of combat so you dont need to force them. It had good damage mitigation and duration at as little as 8 Inspiration, and any energy spent reapplying in combat (sometimes wears off, or Burning Titan uses Wild Blow) will quickly replenish. The titans melee attacks are all fire based, as are the ranged attacks of the Spark the Titan, (imps) Whom also deserve special mention for their extreme damage output. With this stance, your team can take several volleys of their spells and still come out on top. It helped me and my brother considerably. Puk 10:57, 26 December 2008 (UTC)