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Use it? Sell it?[edit]

Hmm, the 30 seconds are damn short for 400g. I remember a mission in Factions somewhere, where you did some kind of a survival game. Could be useful there to farm XP for the Survivor title, though I guess you'd have to have a well coordinated Party to keep going long enough for it to be worth it. And carefully too, so that you may get out early enough without being killed. Seeing as this whole thing'd be a bit dangerous, you might as well not use the scroll and sell it instead, its half a platin after all. What do you guys think? -PaterFrog 12:43, 19 Juni 2010 (GMT+01)

this dungeon allows you to use these scrolls effectively if you know what you're doing. 1 30 second scroll can last you through the entire dungeon (except for the very last boss and ettin) for a net gain of ~40k experience in 8-10 minutes. |Cynn's Thong|User Cynn's Thong Sig.png 11:16, 19 June 2010 (UTC)
I was pretty sure that you'd have a pause too long inbetween there somewhere.^^ -PaterFrog 15:43, 19 Juni 2010 (GMT+01)