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Issue: skins with the same name[edit]

At the moment, there are item skin articles that aren't split (e.g. Earth Staff) and articles that are split and proposed to become combined (e.g. Crude Axe).

Well then? What is better?

I tend to split those pages. If there are two ore more skins with equal names, make the proper name of the skin to a disambiguation page, showing a list of those skins, and add to the skins themselves their common proper names in Brackets.

The articles would become clearer: As you can see in the Earth Staff article, the drop location list is confusing, and the salvage information for the staves can't be made out useful at all. Splitting the articles let one see only the skin wanted. The talk pages would also only list information about the proper skin, instead of a longer mingled list in one article (including the drop/salvage researches), additionally maybe with missing information which skin is meant. And if somebody would like to talk about the name of these skins in general, he could still do so on the disambiguation page. Additionally, if another page links to such skins, you needn't to describe which one is meant if they are split and can be linked directly.

The only problem that accrues with this method is the naming of the diffrent skins. But that shouldn't be a big affair. If one sees the disambig page with the accordingly described skins, he will make his find fast. i don't see any problem there.

This could look like this:

( Sickle )
There are two weapons that share the name "[[Sickle]]":
* A two bladed Axe:  [[Sickle (double-headed)]]
* A thin Axe with a curved blade: [[Sickle (crescent)]] 

To clarify the skins a bit more, we could also add their pictures on those pages. —ZerphatalkThe Improver 16:29, 9 December 2007 (UTC)

This term is unofficial[edit]

Unlike the article said now, the term "skin" is never used in the ingame environment and, hence, cannot be counted official. Moreover, in Guild Ward Wiki this term has not exactly the same meaning that in most other RPG - it's often used here as the synonym of "shape". Example: The item X has the same skin as the item Y but dyed with a different color. Obviously, author(s) meant that item X has the same 3D model and similar texture (=shape) like item Y, but the main color of a texture is different. I cannot say that I'm against this approach because the meaning of term "skin" in Wiki can be modified and even slightly redefined, but I think it should be mentioned in the article. --Slavic 22:21, 29 December 2010 (UTC)