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Trivia Addition?[edit]

Per a public post on Stephen Clarke-Wilsson's Facebook page, the reference to the "music" has a personal backstory. Not sure if this should be included in the Trivia section somehow, but I wanted to preserve it here just in case an editor felt like doing something with it:

Stephen Clarke-Willson, 8/17/2012
The backstory is that I'd worked with Jeremy Soule on a previous project and was familiar with his music. Just before one of the Guild Wars beta events, he dropped "Ashford Abbey" on us and I put it straight into the game. Well, something had happened, because the quality of the piece was better than anything I had heard from him over the years. I think he had upgraded his studio to all fiber-optics and higher rate samplers. Anyway, I'll always remember that piece, and the excitement of that Beta Weekend.

--Matthew Moore (talk) 15:23, 18 August 2021 (UTC)