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I Quit[edit]

Just to let you all know that this mission made me quit GW permanently. It's just that I've been playing for six years, and when I get multiple failures with a full set of consumables, fully kitted out heros with green / oppressor weapons, multiple tries with "well regarded" PVE builds, summoning stones and red rock candy, well it's time to quit. Perhaps in the unlikely event of any developers reading this, they can reflect on their half baked elementalist updates and decide that fighting large mixed groups of level 28s is not fun nor conducive to buying future Anet games.


I'm not quiting anytime soon, but I share no small measure of the author aboves frustration, the level of difficulty seperating NM and HM is absurd; especially as the player is required to protect two suicidal monks, who (unlink Hero's or Henchmen) glue themselves to ones heels, forcing the player to pull with a hero, which is much harder than doing it oneself. In my experiance Agg managment becomes quite a nightmare in most factions scenerios, because the player is usually tasked with protecting 'Allies' who are never a useful addition to the players team. That said I was disappointed to find no guidance whatsoever as to how to beat this scenerio HM on this page.

Edit: After 2 Days and multiple try's I finally beat this mission with a Party of 4 Rangers; 3 Running Variaions on this SaO build; OgATY3rmVi3CME3gz4wo4g2A6AA, and one Barrage/Splinter to pull; the balance of the party was Axeway Tank, Panic Mes, UA Prot Monk, Shelter Prot Rit; still it was a very near run thing and I had to scroll rez the party at the end of one hard fight. The greatest diffulity to my mind was not so much the Ele Update, but Agg Management no matter how carefully one pulls, the whole Mob chains into the fight in multiple rooms. Perhaps this is more realistic, but with the party limited to 8 toons the numbers become overwhelming quickly in HM. --Blackbirdx61 23:33, 4 February 2013 (UTC)