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Misplaced feedback page.
Invalid game parameter value.
Missing category A parameter.


{{GW feedback infobox
| game = <GW|GW2>
| category A     = <category A>
| subcategory A1 = 
| subcategory A2 = 
| category B     = <category B>
| subcategory B1 = 
| subcategory B2 = 
| resolved = 

This template is used in user suggestions within the Feedback namespace.


GW or GW2, depending on what game the suggestion refers to.
category A, subcategory A1, subcategory A2
Category specification as explained below.
category B, subcategory B1, subcategory B2
Optional. Second category specification as explained below.
Optional. Set this parameter to mark this suggestion as solved and exclude it from the standard lists. This will add the suggestion to Category:GW resolved suggestions.


The following list shows the possible values for the category and subcategory parameters. Each indentation level represents the category as following:

  • category A/B
    • subcategory A1/B1
      • subcategory A2/B2

To specify a subcategory all upper categories have to be given as well, otherwise the category selection won't validate and an error is produced.

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