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[verification requested]


Add {{verify|<reason>}} after the text that needs confirmation. Remember to add a reason so that other contributors know what is required prior to removing the tag.

This template adds the article to category:pages with verification requests (which is part of category:research needed); the stated reason is not displayed.


1 (unnamed parameter)
a brief description of the problem that needs verifying, e.g. "Can this area be reached after update 2006/10/05?"
the name of the page to be linked to. Defaults to the talk page of the article in question. (This allows you to link to a specific bit of the talk page, e.g. "The Wilds#Assassin Mapping")


{{verify|Is it still 1.4% or is it now less, since you cannot teleport anymore? See the Trivia section below.|link=The Wilds#Trivia}}