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This is a personal project for a comprehensive list of Green(unique) weapons that follow a naming pattern. For example, the Kanaxai's Edge, Mallet, and Axe set. The original intent for this list is to help organize weapon sets for my heros. My final vision for this project is to have a subsection for each naming group and its corresponding weapons in a table.

To Do[edit]

  • Design layout/format
  • Establish criteria for "Set"
  • Find sets


  • Kanaxai's Edge
  • Kanaxai's Mallet
  • Kanaxai's Axe
  • Urgoz's Flatbow
  • Urgoz's Longbow
  • Urgoz's Shortbow
  • Murakai's Reaver
  • Murakai's Maul
  • Murakai's Blade