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Well im Hunchy or Apache, IGN "Turns To Despair Xx"

I'm basicly addicted to GW and nothing atm will change it.

Currently im an officer of Thy Ownerzz, a guild based on high end PvE- eg:we all foamed at the mouth to hear about the hard mode update. :)

well just a little background, My first char "N/Mo Desire The Dead" first set her feet inside GW on 18th July 2006, since i have played 3.222hours 49minutes over the past 8months, and i have plans to double them hours in the next 8 months, and my first guild was "Death To Kooks[DTK]"

"Can't Touch This!".jpg This user thinks he immortal
Signet of Shadows.jpg This user Has a keen hate for his ISP
Steelfang Slash.jpg This user has rogue fits due to numerous err7
Signet of Capture.jpg This user suffers speeds crazy capping addictions
Stolen Speed.jpg HEHEHE, I have you now
Swap.jpg This user wished to clone himself to double his gw playing hours
Meteor.jpg This user wishes everyday that, that will strike his school, resulting in 18hr guild wars grinds
Word of Healing.jpg This user's favorite character is monk
Burning Speed.jpg -.-" Anet constantly burn speed
Armor of Mist.jpg dw bro, iv got ur back *splashes water on speed*
Disrupting Throw.jpg NEVER contridick a Thy Ownerzz member. or you will suffer the pain
Enduring Toxin.jpg This user quotes Dont cry over Bleed blood
Spirit Rift.jpg This skill is dangerous to health and survivor track title
Pain.jpg <LUNCHBOX!!!!!!!!!!!
"Charge!".jpg QUICK RUN!!! Shism over there!!!! SHISM!!
Purge Conditions.jpg NO!!! i want my sin's, you can nvr purge them from me
Palm Strike.jpg Talk to the hand, im playing gw
Vampiric Touch.jpg This user has a keen habbit oh annoy any touch ranger to the point of insanity
Concussion Shot.jpg Told ya dont mess with an PWNER
Protector's Strike.jpg oi c'mon come here, i just want to CUT YOU!

My Characters[edit]

One Of A Kind Skillz[edit]