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Xulani Storage Hotkey[edit]

If I want to add henchmen to my party, I no longer have to find them in the town, click on them and then invite them to my party (as when Guild Wars first came out). I simply have to be in the same town as them and bring up the Party Search window with the "P" key.

I think the same thing could be useful for Xulani Storage. As long as one is in an outpost or a town with a storage chest (is there such a thing an outpost/town wihtout one?) could there be a hotkey that automatically brings up my storage?

Or, if all possible keys have been assigned to things, perhaps a button could be created that a player could click on when in an outpost or town to bring up the storage. If a player doesn't like it, they can remove it from their user interface in the options.

It can just be so inconvenient at times, especially when trading with others, if I realize I've forgotten to take the gold I need out of storage or, if I'm selling something for 100k, put any gold I do have in storage before trading. Then I have to find and walk to the Xulani storage which can be difficult as a ton of people stand around there so clicking on the Xulani storage rather than a player can be a little frustrating at times.