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Hi GWW community

I am Arc, or known ingame as Taylor Riemann...among other names. I'm at least a decent all around player, not too good at any one thing, but i can do near anything anywhere at any time. A good old jack of all trades. I'm helpful and friendly, and always willing to do things for people.

Usually I can be found doing Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep runs with my alliance, The True Guild Masters [TTGM], proud owners of Bai Paasu...a place i never even bothered to go to. Up until recently I was a noob, true and true, but then I got my first taste of the elite areas of the game. I started doing zaishen challenges for those new baggies, and during that, I ran through many dungeons, fought many missions, and beat down many bosses. Only just recently did I get introduced to UW and FoW, even though I've been playing for years now. Also...I realized I like the DoA...alot. Tons of fun that place is...

If you see me in game, its most likely because I'm doing a Deep run, that is ALWAYS a safe bet. Or, i may be out doing zaishen stuff, it varies from day to day. Still..if you do need anything, just ask away, I'll be happy to help. I dont play this game for prestige, i play it for fun, and i want others to have fun too. That is why I do things for free. I tend to get alot of the Kanaxai greens, so i give away the mallets and edges in Lion's arch from my own corner (not the axes though...they're actually worth something xD) I can also run a few of the really short simple missions, my most experienced one being Ruins of Morah, which I never charge for and am always happy to do for people. If you ever need a random warrior (or more likely a monk) feel free to ask.