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I mostly created this page for one suggestion that would benefit all of the Guild Wars users with slower internet connections.

I'm sure many Guild Wars users have experienced this at least once:

A group of people get together to get that last entry in their Dungeon Guide--Slavers exile, or decide they want that Fissure of Woe trophy for their Hall of Monuments, or begin a late-game vanquish in the Ring of Fire Isl. About half way through one of these attempts a slower internet user either begins heavily lagging or disconnects, but no matter how long they wait, that "attempt to reconnect" dialogue box will not come up.

My suggestion is the implementation of a new menu item (Force Reconnect) or command (/reconnect) that would purposely cease the connection with the Guild Wars servers and then attempt a reconnect. Since every user that logs on to Guild Wars every day connects to the server I believe that it would not be very difficult to create this feature. I do not have knowledge of the coding of Guild Wars, nor am I a programer, so I believe that it is possible that this could be more difficult than it sounds, but it's implementation would improve gameplay and allow a broader amount of players to play in parties without fear of permanently loosing a member to a disconnect. This is the key point of this suggestion.

A second minor point (but most likely the more difficult of the two to implement) is a feature that my friend suggested when I was telling him about the above suggestion. The suggestion is this: If a reconnect was to fail then a computer controlled version of the player would take over the persons character. Skills and equipment would stay the same and the character would become like a henchmen that you can recruit in the outposts. There would be a few potential difficulties with this: First, AI may not be able to control a character's build as well as a human. Although this is true, most of the time having an AI version of the character would be better than loosing a character from your party. The second problem would be human players can carry PvE only skills. As I do not know how the code works this may or may not be a problem. My suggestion for now if it was a problem would be this: when the AI takes over a character a script could be run that drops all PvE only skills off of the character's skill bar. Of course, it could also be implemented that the AI version takes over until the player reconnects as to not make other players wait (And a message could be sent to the message pane: "Jane Doe has lost connection with the server and has been replaced with an AI version." and then "Jane Doe has reonnected to the server, character has been restored."

If there is any way I could help with implementing this feature I would be more that willing to help in any way possible.

To contact me outside of the wiki email

Thanks for taking the time to read!