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Public Boolean ShenIsBeast = true;

Very Intresting Ending, Ekelon Vs Shen Video --- [1]


Beastin Shen (PvP) Assassin

Disco Shen (PvP) Elementalist

Shen Leavzu Screwed (PvP) Warrior

Shen Goes Monk (PvP) Monk

Shen The Archer (PvP/PvE)Ranger

Shen The Beast (PvP/PvE) Warrior

Shen The Fearless (PvP/PvE) Paragon

I Shen I, Destructo Shen, Shen Shen Shen Shen, Etc (PvP Extra slot)

hero battles[edit]

may mAT - 52nd

june mAT - 21st

July mAT - 8th

August mAT - 11th (2nd swiss yeye)

September mAT - 6th

October mAT - 7th (1st swiss yeye)

November mAT - 44th (connection issues)

December mAT - 24th

January mAT - 30th

February mAT - 8th

March mAT - 56th

April mAT - 34th



Fashion Police[chic] November mAT - 28th (leader)

Marvel Superhoes January mAT - Fail, monk went afk forfeit (officer)

Every time an iway forms babies die February mAT - Fail, just complete fail (officer)