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Pretty please give me a working background image!

My first Guild Wars account was created two weeks prior to E3, when all we were able to do was play around with character creation, and dribble on the login. I did a lot of dribbling. Until then the only game I'd ever played was Diablo II (and some unmentionable dabbling in KotOR).

I managed to participate in all but one beta event, but had to wait a couple of weeks to recieved the game after release, because Australia was particularly slow in distributing online orders.

I still have my first account, though it's served as a mule for close to a year. My brother is beginning to show an interest in the game, and I've offered it to him as a teaser, with the promise of adding the third chapter if it tickles his fancy. So far so good.

Roleplaying is my passion, though I tend to avoid making a nerd of myself in game. Writing is a much safer medium for such things, and anything else can stay in blue-text where no one can point and laugh. Consequently, several of my characters from various roleplay forums have crept into Guild Wars and made fixtures of themselves, dragging with them their respective partners from said forums, and adding to my friend list. I think I can boast having dragged at least half of [jinx] into the game.

I help maintain the Guild Wars community on LiveJournal, but otherwise keep a low profile in the other active forums; I prefer to play the game than discuss it at length, but I have been known to contribute when least expected.

Once upon a time I started a Guild Wars comic, but I got distracted and suffered a reformat, and it has since been simmering on a backburner. I'll return to that one day.

As for actually playing the game, I have no preference for any particular class. I've had to work harder to bond with some than with others, but I feel I have a relatively good grasp on what I am expected to do, whether I'm a warrior or a monk or a ranger. It's important to communicate with a team, even if only to share a skillbar, so everyone knows how everyone else intends to work within that unit.

I will rarely mix professions, unless certain situations call for it. Every class has it's own lines for a reason, and mixing primary and secondary professions only makes the character weaker, in my opinion.

Since release, I estimate I've played at least a few hours (5-6) a day, 4 days a week (at minimum). I'm still learning new things, though, which I love most about the game.

So far I haven't touched PvP, but I am interested in giving it a try, should I ever find a party of people prepared to adopt a newb. I'm not holding my breath.

....I'm a girl.