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Guild Wars Guru: I don't post there anymore, no need to explain why.

Things GW Needs badly:

  • Show some support for the people who bought your game and allow you to put a roof over your head today
  • Revert Splinter Weapon in PvE
  • Revert Ursan in PvE (I'm dead serious.)
  • Stop letting Assassins become the class every 8 year old no skill kid plays on this game because everyone else does, because it has a few GODMODE skills.
  • 7 Hero Parties. Why the hell not?
  • 4 and 6 man zones become 8 man zones for Hard Mode.
  • Revamp AB. Seriously. When one side starts sucking, it throws the entire fun of AB off because you constantly spawn in the same map doing the same shit over and over for a month+ till your eye balls fall out of your head. Fix pl0x.
  • Add more space for friends list/ignore list.
  • Make it so if you are offline or DnD, you can't whisper, also so if you are ignoring someone, you can't whisper them.