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Skill Tags[edit]

I've been maintaining a skill database for a long time and one aspect that I'd like to see moved into GWW are tags used to categorize skills. Included here is the basic naming pattern and specific tags that I've used, and while I'd like to keep the general level of detail I'm quite happy to discuss names and groupings. I already have these assigned to skills, although some (especially Nightfall skills) didn't get looked over very carefully -- a fact I'm in the process of correcting.

If you'd like to know what on earth I could possibly want to use all this for, visit GuildBuilds create a new character and click the Change Filter button at the top of the skill list.

Composition of a Tag[edit]

A tag is either one of the special tags or is built from an aspect with optional (up to one each) effect, target, and area suffixes attached with dashes.


  • adrenal - Adrenaline pool used by warrior and paragon skills
  • armor - Armor rating
  • attack - Standard weapon attacks
  • block - Chance to block attacks
  • cast - Activation time of spells
  • corpse - Body of slain corpeal creature
  • critical - Critical hit chance
  • damage - Direct damage or weapon bonus damage.
  • ecost - Energy cost of skill
  • enchant - Enchantments
  • energy - Energy
  • exhaust - Energy exhaustion
  • heal - Direct healing
  • health - Used for things that effect health but aren't heals or damage
  • hex - Under the effect of a hex spell
  • interrupt - Interruption of a foes skill or action
  • item - Something held (e.g. flag, repair kit, ashes of an item spell)
  • knockdown - Knockdown
  • lock - Locks skill or skills making them unusable for a period of time
  • minion - Animated undead minions
  • move - Movement speed
  • preparation - Ranger preparations
  • recharge - Skill recharge time, not skill lock a la Diversion
  • rez - Resurrects dead party members or animal companions
  • sacrifice - Life sacrifice as part of skill activation
  • shadowstep - Assassin style shadow-step, not pure teleports
  • shout - Shout or chant
  • signet - Signet skills
  • skill - Generic skill
  • spell - Skills of the spell family (enchant, hex, etc)
  • spirit - Created or summoned spirits
  • stance - Stance of user or target
  • teleport - True teleport, not shadow-step
  • touch - Touch skills
  • weapon - Weapon spells

Condition Aspects[edit]

  • condition - Any or all conditions
  • bleeding - Bleeding condition
  • blind - Blind condition
  • burning - Burning condition
  • crippled - Crippled condition
  • dazed - Dazed condition
  • deepwound - Deepwound condition
  • disease - Disease condition
  • poison - Poison condition
  • weakness - Weakness condition


  • buff - Improves the aspect (e.g. dmg, heal, move speed) but separately applied
  • counter - Decreases effectiveness or prevents completely
  • drain - Removes from pool of energy or adrenaline
  • gain - Increase in pool of energy or adrenaline
  • gone - Completely empties pool (adrenaline or energy)
  • leak - Periodic loss, triggered by some event
  • nerf - Weakens the effect (e.g. low armor, higher cast time, etc)
  • punish - Cause extra damage, conditions, or energy loss when aspect applies to foe
  • remove - Removal of aspect (e.g. condition, hex, enchant)
  • uses - Takes advantage of allied aspect (e.g. being enchanted)


Used only for 'wrong' (e.g. heal foe, dmg ally) or unusual targets

  • ally - Allied to skill user
  • foe - Something hostile to skill user, usually target of skill
  • pet - Personal or allied animal companions
  • self - Applies to user of the skill


Tags with area modifiers should always be accompanied by the unadorned version, and if more then one area modifier applies, use multiple tags. For example, Fire Storm should have 'damage', 'damage-aoe', and 'damage-ot'

  • aoe - Effects others around target
  • ot - Applies over time (e.g. fire storm, empathy)


  • lead-attack - Acts as lead attack in assassin skill chain
  • offhand-attack - Acts as off-hand attack in assassin skill chain

Tags currently assigned to skills[edit]

Tag Examples Description
adrenal-counter Soothing Images Prevents adrenaline gain or use
adrenal-drain-aoe Ancestor's Visage Causes adrenaline loss to multiple targets
adrenal-gain "To the Limit!" Gives adrenaline directly or increases the rate its gained
adrenal-gain-aoe Dark Fury Gives adrenaline directly or increases the rate for multiple targets
adrenal-gone Wild Blow You lose all adrenaline
adrenal-punish Signet of Rage Extra effect against users of adrenal skills
armor-buff Dolyak Signet Increases target armor rating
armor-nerf Weaken Armor Reduces target armor rating
armor-nerf-self Elemental Resistance Reduces users armor rating
attack-counter Pacifism
Reckless Haste
Prevents or causes attacks to miss (not blocking)
attack-punish Empathy Target gets damage, conditions, or energy loss when attacking
attackspeed-buff Frenzy Increases attack rate
attackspeed-nerf Shadow of Fear Reduces targets attack rate
block Aegis May block incoming attacks
block-counter Crossfire
Rigor Mortis
Wild Blow
Prevents or reduces the chance of target blocking attacks
block-punish Swift Chop Extra effect against blocking foe
cast-buff Glyph of Sacrifice Reduces time to cast spells
*** cast-nerf *** use spell-counter Increases cast time of spells
*** cast-punish *** use spell-punish Extra effect if target is casting a spell
corpse Animate Bone Fiend
Well of Blood
Requires and exploits an unexploited corpse
corpse-counter Malign Intervention Prevents corpse exploitation
corpse-uses Lamentation Added effect when corpse is present
critical-buff Critical Eye Causes or increases chance of a critical hit
critical-counter Balanced Stance Prevents critical hits from occuring
damage Flare
Power Attack
Direct damage, or bonus damage on a weapon
damage-aoe Fire Storm
Cyclone Axe
Causes damage to multiple targets
damage-buff Barbs
Strength of Honor
Enhances damage done
damage-limit Angelic Protection
Protective Spirit
Limits damage received
damage-nerf Shielding Hands Reduces damage when it is taken
damage-ot Empathy
Fire Storm
Inflicts damage over time
damage-self Ether Prodigy Damage to self, but not a sacrifice
ecost-buff Glyph of Lesser Energy Reduces energy cost of skills
ecost-nerf Primal Echoes Increases energy cost of skills
enchant-buff Blessed Aura Makes enchantments last longer
enchant-counter Nature's Renewal Makes enchantments harder to apply or expire sooner
enchant-punish Defile Enchantments Better against enchanted foes
enchant-remove Rend Enchantments Enchantment removal
enchant-uses Dwayna's Kiss Better when target ally is enchanted
energy-buff Mighty Was Vorizun Increases maximum energy
energy-degen Malaise Energy degeneration
energy-degen-self "The Power Is Yours!" Energy degeneration
energy-drain Energy Burn Removes energy from target
energy-drain-aoe Chaos Storm
Signet of Weariness
Removes energy from multiple targets
energy-drain-ot Chaos Storm
Spirit Shackles
Removes energy from target or targets over time
energy-gain Offering of Blood Restores energy
energy-gain-aoe Aria of Zeal Restores energy to multiple allies
energy-gain-foe Power Return Restores energy to foe
energy-gain-ot Critical Eye
Spirit of Failure
Restores energy whenever event occurs
energy-gone Glyph of Essence You lose all energy
energy-leak Divine Boon
Spinal Shivers
You lose energy whenever event occurs
energy-regen Blood Ritual Energy regeneration
exhaust Arcane Languor
Causes or increases exhaustion
heal Gift of Health Heals
heal-aoe Heal Area Healing multiple targets
heal-buff Life Attunement Improves heals or causes heals as side effect
heal-counter Scourge Healing Reduces or prevents healing
heal-nerf Lingering Curse Prevents or reduces effectiveness of healing
heal-ot Healing Seed Healing per second or per event
heal-pet Comfort Animal Heals animal companion
heal-self Ether Feast Pure self-heal, or heals self as a side effect
health-buff Endure Pain
Vital Weapon
Increase maximum health
health-degen Conjure Phantasm Health degeneration
health-degen-self Malaise User gets health degeneration
health-regen Healing Breeze Health regeneration
health-steal Vampiric Gaze Life stealing
hex-buff Mantra of Persistence Increases duration of hexes
hex-counter Hex Breaker
Holy Veil
Prevents hexes, reduces effect, or makes them harder to apply
hex-punish Accumulated Pain
Soul Barbs
Added effect against hexed targets
hex-remove Remove Hex Hex removal
hex-remove-aoe Hex Eater Signet Removes hexes from multiple allies
hex-uses Dwayna's Kiss Better when target ally is hexed
interrupt Distracting Shot
Power Spike
Interrupts skill or action
interrupt-aoe Choking Gas
Distracting Blow
Interrupts multiple targets
interrupt-counter Glyph of Concentration Prevents or mitigates interruptions
item-uses Soothing Memories Better when caster and/or target is holding an item
knockdown Gale Causes knockdown
knockdown-buff Earthbind Increases knockdown duration
knockdown-counter Balanced Stance Prevents knockdowns
knockdown-punish Aftershock Better against knocked down foes
lead-attack Iron Palm Functions as a lead attack for Assassin skill chains
lock Blackout
Simply Thievery
Foe skill is unusable for period of time
lock-ally Rebirth Locks skills of ally (e.g. Rebirth)
lock-self Focused Shot Locks some or all of your skills
minion Animate Bone Fiend
Blood of the Master
Creation and maintainence of undead minions
minion-punish Banishing Strike Better when the target foe is a minion
minion-uses Taste of Death Requires or benefits from the use of a minion
move-buff Sprint Increases movement speed
move-nerf Ice Prison
Imagined Burden
Reduces movement speed, but not by crippling
move-nerf-self Obsidian Flesh Reduces users movement speed, but not by crippling
move-punish Bull's Strike Better against moving foes
off-hand-attack Mantis Touch Functions as an off-hand attack for Assassin skill chains
preparation-buff Practiced Stance Make preparations last longer
recharge-buff Arcane Echo
Mantra of Recovery
Recharages skills or reduces recharge time (directly or by creating a duplicate)
recharge-nerf Tease Increases skill recharge time
recharge-nerf-self Glyph of Sacrifice Increases users skill recharge time
rez Restore Life Resurrect party members
rez-buff "We Shall Return!" Increased initial health and energy when resurrected
rez-pet Comfort Animal Resurrect animal companions
rez-temp Vengeance Temporary ressurection (e.g. Vengence, Unyielding Aura)
sacrifice Blood is Power Skill activation involves a life sacrifice
sacrifice-nerf Awaken the Blood Makes sacrifices hurt more
sacrifice-punish Scourge Sacrifice Extra health or energy loss when target does sacrifices
shadowstep Death's Charge Skill involves shadow stepping
shout-buff Vocal was Sogolon Increase duration of shouts or chants
signet-buff Keystone Signet Improves signets, generally by reducing recharge or activation
signet-counter Ignorance Prevents signets or makes them more difficult to use
skill-copy Arcane Echo Duplicates another skill
skill-punish Spiteful Spirit Punishes the use of skills in general (e.g. Spiteful Spirit)
spell-counter Guilt
Spell Breaker
Prevents, makes more difficult, or works to counteract spell casting
spell-punish Backfire Punishes the use of spells
spirit Bloodsong
Anguished Was Lingwah
Creates a spirit
spirit-counter Unnatural Signet Prevents, destroys, or otherwise makes spirits less effective
spirit-punish Banishing Strike Added effects with enemy spirits
spirit-uses Mend Body and Soul Better when spirits are present
stance-counter Wild Blow Prevents, ends, or shortens duration of stances
stance-uses Standing Slash Added effect when target is in stance
teleport Consume Corpse
Teleportation, not shadow-stepping. (e.g. Consume Corpse, Rebirth)
touch Vampiric Touch Skill is a touch skill
touch-counter "Can't Touch This!" Prevents touch skills
weapon-uses Wielder's Boon Better depending on if the user and target are under weapon spells

Condition tags[edit]

Tag Examples Description
condition-aoe Fevered Dreams Spreads conditions to multiple targets
condition-buff Extend Conditions Increase condition duration
condition-counter Avatar of Melandru
Infuse Condition
Prevents or reduces duration of conditions
condition-punish Fragility Extra effect against target suffering from condtion
condition-remove Draw Conditions
Mend Ailment
Condition removal, works on any condition
condition-remove-aoe Martyr Remove conditions of any type from multiple allies
condition-remove-foe Crystal Wave Removes one or more conditions from foe
condition-self Draw Conditions Causes user to contract conditions
condition-transfer Plague Touch Transfers condition from you to target, imples condition removal
condition-transfer-aoe Plague Sending Transfers condition from you to multiple targets
condition-uses Words of Comfort Extra effect when target ally has a condition
bleeding Sever Artery Causes bleeding
bleeding-punish Gash Extra effect against bleeding targets
bleeding-self Blood Drinker Makes user start bleeding
blind Blinding Flash Causes blindness
blind-aoe Blinding Surge Causes blindness to multiple targets
blind-punish Signet of Shadows Extra effect against blind targets
blind-remove Antidote Signet Removes blindness
burning Immolate Causes burning
burning-punish Searing Flames Extra effect against burning targets
burning-self Cautery Signet Sets youreself on fire
crippled Axe Rake Causes crippling
crippled-punish Jungle Strike Better against crippled foes
crippled-remove Illusion of Haste Crippled removal
crippled-self Illusion of Haste Cripples user of the skill
dazed Broad Head Arrow Causes dazed
dazed-counter Glyph of Concentration Ignores, prevents, or reduces the duration of dazed
deepwound Dismember Causes deep wound
deepwound-punish Axe Rake Added effect against targets with Deep Wound
disease Rotting Flesh Causes disease
disease-remove Antidote Signet Removes disease
poison Poison Arrow Causes target to be poisoned
poison-remove Antidote Signet Poison removal
poison-self Chilblains Makes yourself poisoned
weakness Enfeeble Causes weakness
weakness-punish Heavy Blow Better against targets with weakness