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Crazyejackson715 is me, my character names all begin with the prephix Necroflare

And include:

Necroflare Chimera, Necroflare Dread, Necroflare Phoenix, Necroflare Shadow, Necroflare Weapons, Necroflare Runes, Necroflare Material, and Necroflare Extra

The first 4 are my playing characters while the last 4 are merely storage characters.

Necroflare Chimera = Dervish/Assasin, Although I only use Dervish Skills. Mainly is the basic Dervish Build, Spam enchantments then use skills that are boosted by them.

Necroflare Dread = Necromancer/Mesmer, the /Mesmer is used in a MM build for Arcane Echo, or for a Underworld Farm Build.

Necroflare Phoenix = Warrior/Monk, even though I only use Warrior moves. My most simplest character really.

Necroflare Shadow = Assassin/Elementalist, Only uses Assassin skills, but use a Perma Form build purely for farming or power leveling.

My Necromancer was my first character made. My Warrior was made 2nd due to being bored of long range attacking. My Dervish was made when I got Nightfall and turned out to be one of my best character. My Assassin was made when I got Factions, I originally was gonna make a Ritualist, but thank God I didn't because besides the Dervish, my Assasin has become my best character. And is the only character I truly consider a PVP character.

Anyways if somebody read all this I'd be amazed. I was really just explaining how I play :P

And just to be cool, and not secretive, I'll list my builds xD.


Attribute Points: 16 Scythe Mastery, 10 Mysticism, 8 Earth Prayers.

Skills: Vital Boon, Faithful Intervention, Eternal Aura, Mystic Vigor, Chilling Victory, Mystic Sweep, Signet of Pios Light, and Avatar of Balthazar (Sometimes replaced by Wounding Strike)

Note: As long as you make sure to keep your enchantments up you should be fine. Although don't worry if some end, the ending of Mystic Vigor and Vital Boon provide both energy, and in Vital Boon's case, Health. If using AoB make sure to keep it up as much as possible during fights, with Eternal Aura and Signet of Pious Light. If you are using Wounding Strike just use Eternal Aura as a damage skill.


Minion Master Build[edit]

Attribute Points: 16 Death Magic, 12 Soul Reaping.

Skills: Blood of the Master, Consume Corpse, Deathly Swarm, Soul Feast, Verata's Sacrifice, Arcane Echo, Animate Shambling Horror, and Animate Flesh Golem.

Note: While using only 2 minion skills this build works very good, all you need to fully get started is 3 dead bodies, summon 1 Flesh Golem, cast Arcane Echo, then use Shambling Horror, with Arcane Echo you won't have to wait for the recharge time to summon your 2nd Shambling Horror. Once you get a full army of 10 minions, use Arcane Echo to either spam Blood of the Master or Deathly Swarm, if you run low on health or energy, use Soul Feast or Consume Corpse for quick recharge. And make sure to only cast Verata's Sacrifice on a large group either when they are all near death, or b4 a big battle.

Underworld Farming Build[edit]

Attribute Points: 16 Curses, Illusian Magic 10, Soul Reaping 4. Skills: Arcane Echo, Spiteful Spirit, Recklace Haste, Suffering, Ancestor's Visage, Sympathetic Visage, and Ressurection Signet.

Note: Needs a Perma Form team mate to use properly. To actually use this to farm it is needed to have a Perma Form team mate with you, allow him to gather up all the enemies in the first chamber, then when hes ready, cast Arcane Echo, then Spitful Spirit, then make sure to cast the 2nd Spitful Spirit on a DIFFERENT enemy or it won't work. Once those are cast cast Suffering and Recklace Haste and back away before they notice you. As for the Visages.....those are for the Smite Crawlers, make sure when fighting those you keep your team mate under a Visage at all time.


Attribute Points: 16 Swordsmanship, 10 Strength, 8 Tactics.

Skills: Frenzy, Healing Signet, Lion's Comfort, Sever Artery, Gash, Final Thrust, Sprint, and Defy Pain.

Note: Probably the most simplest character I ever made lol. Relies mainly on Adrenaline due to lack of energy. Keep up a constant stance of Frenzy to gain Adreneline fast, then just make sure if they can bleed, to use Sever Artery and Gash alot. And only use Final Thrust if you are 100% sure they are below 50% health. You won't have to worry about Defy Pain, just cast it whenver possible, if you use it right it won't end.


Critical Strike Build[edit]

Attribute Points: 15 Critical Strikes, 12 Dagger Mastery, 6 Shadow Arts.

Skills: Way of the Assassin, Critical Eye, Critical Defenses, Way of Perfection, Golden Phoenix Strike, Horns of the Ox, Falling Spider, and Critical Strike.

Note: Does not work well against Mesmers who drain enchantments, or Elementalists who deal AoE damage. Because you need the Enchantments to really stay alive, and you can't block AoE damage. Keep the first 4 skills up contantly or you will die fast, the only one that is really an optional first skill to use is Critical Defenses if you have good healers with you. Also if you don't have Critical Defenses or Way of Perfection on you will have to really on a team monk to enchant you otherwise the ending 4 skill chain cant happen, if the enemy isnt affected by poison, ignore the 2 skills between Golden Phoenix Strike and Critical Strike and just use those for lots of damage fast.

Perma Form Build[edit]

Pre-Note: My Perma Form Build has 2 sections. Fire and Earth Magic.

Attribute Points: 16 Shadow Arts, 12 Earth Magic.


Core: Glyph of Swiftness, Deadly Paradox, Shadow Form.

Farming: Glyph of Elemental Power, Air of Superiority, Ebon Battle Standard of Honor, and Sliver Armor.

Running: Glyph of Lesser Energy, Dash, Viper's Defense, Shadow Refuge, and "I Am Unstoppable!"

Note: By "Core" I mean you must have these 3 equipped just to cast Shadow Form right. Shadow form itself is used only by me for Farming or Running, for the Farming Build, this build is only guranteed to work if you meet very specific needs, comment on bottom of page and I'll post them on your user page somewhere empty, too much info for here, as for Running, make sure you use Glyph of lesser energy whenever possible for limited energy use, as for Viper's Defense, this is only for if you get massive snagged, like I did during a run, Shadow Refuge is if you need to catch your breath and heal, and "I Am Unstoppable is for runs in the Shiverpeaks to avoid Knockdown.

End Section[edit]

Wellz that's all my builds.....if you're still reading this I admire your curiousity/boredum xD.

Eh that's all. Thanks for reading, and feel free to add me on Guild Wars anytime.

Comment Section[edit]

This section is purely for comments and questions you wanna ask me. Please post anything you wanna ask or say here. Thank you.