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i almost lol'd[edit]

but then i realized that this happens pretty regularly:

(21:32:15) Danny: GR = gamerevision.
(21:32:27) Danny: Your friendly place for bots, bots, and more bots.
(21:32:34) Auron: o ok
(21:32:47) Danny: my HA Protbot is almost finished. still one big bug i need to work out.
(21:32:49) Danny: but after that
(21:32:52) Danny: good joke HA
(21:33:34) Danny: though, that said, some guild in my alliance (apparently) was running 4 mesmers over the weekend.
(21:34:30) Danny: power spike, power lock, power drain, and overload. 1 pblock, 1 pd, 1 tease, 1 whatever.
(21:34:56) Danny: overload was the most hilarious thing ever. especially the overload spikes
(21:35:22) Danny: bots: HE'S USING HEAL PARTY EVERYONE USE OVERLOAD - 360 damage
(21:36:33) Auron: yeah
(21:36:44) Auron: if gw wasn't fucked up enough as it was
(21:36:52) Auron: you twats had to go and put the final nail in the coffin
(21:36:56) Auron: grats
(21:37:24) Danny: harboe emailed gaile and support saying he'd stop maintaining GWCA if they gave him 500 euros.
(21:37:48) Auron: and why would they ever do that
(21:37:51) Auron: for some fucknut
(21:38:11) Danny: because then they look less horrible when their next attempt to spoil botters fails miserably.
(21:38:24) Danny: after harboe goes "lol fuckwads"
(21:38:38) Auron: a botter calling anyone a fuckwad is pretty rich
(21:38:43) Danny: how's that?
(21:38:52) Danny: because botter's are dumb or terrible people?
(21:38:52) Auron: they're pretty much the top of the fuckwad heap
(21:39:00) Auron: no, just incredibly dense
(21:39:03) Danny: howso?
(21:39:17) Auron: they have no sense of anyone else around them or anyone else playing the game
(21:39:19) Auron: it's always all about them
(21:39:26) Auron: it's a pretty sociopathic mindset, unfortunately
(21:39:28) Danny: lol. you totally don't understand.
(21:39:34) Auron: and they think they're perfectly entitled to do what they do
(21:39:43) Auron: and they use twisted logic like "if enough people bot, anet will fix the problem!"
(21:39:50) Auron: which is pretty hysterical, and absolutely wrong
(21:39:58) Danny: auron, you are so incredibly, incredibly wrong.
(21:40:07) Auron: I'm sure I am
(21:40:12) Auron: sorry for bursting your bubble
(21:40:21) Auron: I know sociopaths have fragile egos

he logged off at the end, or i would've pointed out the obvious irony, so i'm doing it here. ··· Danny So Cute 02:43, 19 May 2010 (UTC)