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Male.png This user is Male. Please stop hitting on my female characters. (Unless you wanna buy me something.)
Guilt This user has spent 5087 hours in Guild Wars in 46 months (3.6 h/day).
Panic.jpg This player is OCD in epic amounts...
Simple Thievery.jpg This layout was stolen from Bexor.
Guild Wars My Characters
Main Page
Hai! My name is DarkMugen. So, I've been playing guild wars for 44 months. I have 15 Characters. I am a super materialistic Guild Wars player. I love my Obsidian Armor and Tormented Weapons to no end. I'm currently trying to get most, if not all of my characters to DoA.

Main Account

Warrior Demon Tank
Ranger Reign of Beasts
Monk Wandering Sage
Necromancer Lucifer's Medium
Mesmer Mental Arcanist
Elementalist Burning Crusader
Assassin Renegade Shinobi
Ritualist Fallen of the Mists
Dervish Emissary of Darkness
Paragon Angelic Echoes
Unknown (PvP) God Mode Engage

Mule Account

Unknown Playing Is Srs Bsns
Unknown Dj Srs Bsns
Unknown Mule 3
Unknown Mule 4
Unknown Mule 5
Unknown Mule 6
Unknown Mule 7
Unknown Mule 8

Mule Account

Unknown Mule 1
Unknown Mule 2
Unknown Mule 3
Unknown Mule 4