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My Suggestion Page[edit]

Since I can't make suggestions on other userpages.

QUEST: Anatomical Engineer Llye Problem[edit]


  • Take this medical handbook to mark what you have found and were. User Death Sligher Medical Handbook2.jpg
  • Find the resources for my items which I need to change physical features of humans.
  • Give the medical handbook with the coordinates back to Llye.


  • 20,000 Experience
  • 1 Extreme Makeover Credit
  • 1,500 Gold


Initial dialogue[edit]

Llye Bookah you humans are using my services so much that I am now out of stuck. Go make yourself usefull and find new resources for my shop. You can use my medical handbook on your journey. But I dont think you can use it since it is empty. But you can write in it were you found the new resources for my anatomical shop. Now what are you still doing here, go...

Accept: "If I find something I will write it down. But I dont hurry for someone calling me bookah."
Decline: "Good luck with finding a other bookah for this job, or maybe ask blimm I think he is still looking for a new job."
When asked about quest: "Well I can see you are taking your time for my job. When are you gone start with it, I need the information as fast as possible. I am running out of stock. And finding a other job in these times is hard to get."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Llye I knew you would make it in time, good job bookah. I hope these resources will last a bit longer then the old ones.

Extra information(screens,bookpages and more)[edit]

Extra information:

This quest can only be done by players who have all 4 the campaigns. And what is the idea of the quest. To let players search for anatomical parts of a body in the whole game. And when they have found a part from the Medical handbook it will unlock in the Medical Handbook. As example eye's can be found in Mamnoon Lagoon since the wind riders got lots of eye's it is the perfect place to find eye's. The same with the other parts for example hearts in heart of the shiverpeaks or spirit of genders at the silvarytree were players can find liquid of unborn souls which drops out the bark of the tree.

I use a book since in this way players need to go to these places themself and can't buy the items from other players. What happend with the moa bird quest.

Profit? In this way people who play 4year and got all the campaigns can still get the stylist credit ingame without needing to buy it. But this quest can only be done ones on each character and in this way players still need to buy it in the ingame shop if they want to have a second stylist credit or they need to play a character trow all the campaigns again since the items are spread over all the 4campaigns this will be very hard to do. Since there are items who can only be found at the end of each campaign. And with the book people cant buy these items from other people and the credits can't be traded to since they are bound to the account which get it.

If you want to make the quest harder you could make it in the way that the items need to be found in HM in these coordinates were they are placed.

Some fast selfmade screens:

User Death Sligher Medical Handbook Intro Page.jpg

User Death Sligher Medical Handbook Introduction Page.jpg

User Death Sligher Medical Handbook Eye explorarable aera.jpg

User Death Sligher Medical Handbook Page1.jpg (Forgot to include coordinates, would have been: Found in Mamnoon Lagoon.)