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Skill balance ideas[edit]

Smiting monks in pvp[edit]

  • Smiter's Boon Smiter's Boon - PvP split - 5Energy 10.5½Activation time 15Recharge time - for 1...11...13 seconds, your Divine Favor bonus for Smiting Prayers spells is increased by 20...64...75%.
  • Ray of Judgment Ray of Judgment - PvP split - 5Energy 0.25¼Activation time 4Recharge time - For 4 seconds, next time target ally takes damage, that damage is negated and source and foes adjacent to the source are struck with 20...60...70 holy damage.
  • Balthazar's Pendulum Balthazar's Pendulum - 5Energy 0.25¼Activation time 7Recharge time - For 4 seconds, next time target ally would be knocked down, he is not and foe attepting a knock-down takes 30...102...120 holy damage.
  • Word of Censure Word of Censure - 5Energy 1Activation time 9Recharge time - Target other ally loses 1 condition and hex, and foes in the area of that ally take 10...58...70 holy damage for each negative effect removed.
  • Defender's Zeal Defender's Zeal - 5Energy 1Activation time 7Recharge time - For 0...2...3 seconds, each attack against target ally causes the attacker to lose all adrenaline.