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Map Travel[edit]

Map Traveling between outposts in two different campaigns is unnecessarily annoying and tedious. For an example, the other day my Assassin was in Gate of Pain, and I wanted to get to Doomlore Shrine. In order to do so, I had to map out of Gate of Pain to the Elonian continent, to Lion's Arch from the Elonian Continent, and then to Doomlore Shrine from Lion's Arch. It shouldn't take three map travels just to get from one area to another, especially when I have a slower computer and I have to load each town which makes it even longer.

I suggest another "zoom out" level be added, where it zooms out to show the entirety of all Guild Wars campaigns, and in this level you can pick from Tyria (Prophecies/EoTN), Cantha (Factions), Elona (Nightfall), and the Battle Isles. Each section would just need to be labeled with its respective continent. This would save loads of time and make map traveling between outposts of different campaigns much easier. If this third zoom out level isn't possible, at least give a drop-down list at the top where we can pick which campaign's map we want to view.

Hero/Henchman AI[edit]

Something really needs to be done about how Heroes and Henchman will ruthlessly attack enemy spirits when they're in range. I can't count how many times I've been running through an area trying to avoid attracting hostile attention, when all of a sudden my entire AI party starts attacking a Ranger spirit, bringing the group that casted it back over to attack us. Henchman AI should NOT do this, as it's usually some harmless Ranger spirit that's not causing any danger to us and all it does is cause us to have to fight an unwanted group. Even if you try to flag them off of it, they don't want to leave until the spirit is destroyed.