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  • Warrior Donlik Fittin (Main character) (Prophecies)
  • Dervish Eldraw Saile (Nightfall)
  • Elementalist Cielo Mente (Prophecies)
  • Monk Nomer Payne (Prophecies)
  • Warrior Quert Yuiop (Pre-Searing; for Defender of Ascalon)
  • Ritualist Nomer Fittin (Factions)
  • Assassin Eilic Fittin


Really, not much. Hero/henched Sorrow's Furnace back when you could only have 3 heroes, did Black Moa Chick hunt, nearing 30 HoM points.

Big fan of the Prophecies campaign, not so much of the others, although many of the game mechanic changes were welcomed. Working slowly towards filling up the Hall of Monuments.