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hello... i am a new face that has actually been around here a bit for about 5.5yrs i figured it was due that i actually make an account this page will most likely be left somewhat blank but anybody who feels inclined to do a little random changes and make it prettier i really won't care... this is not an invitation for random vandalism and other annoyances but if i see it change i may leave it if i like it... or maybe start a revert war :) Durp da durp 01:58, 22 November 2011 (UTC)

Catagories of stuff in GW.[edit]

Things i like and do

Thing i don't like and usually don't do

Things i really never bothered even trying but maybe will one day.

Things that should maybe be Userboxes[edit]

lol enjoy trying to read these.

This wiki user usually doesn't display a title. This wiki user thinks LDoA from before Langmar should be either Legendary Dyer of Ascalon or Legendary Causer of the Searing. This wiki user often forgets to hit the HM button. This wiki user does nothing the fast way. This wiki user had helped friends achieve titles they themselves do not have. This wiki users guild hall smells like moldy cheese. This wiki user's characters are mostly based on people they know in real life. This wiki user plays in ____ district usually (insert any other than amer). →→This wiki user will NOT USE TexMod, Multiloaders or ANY "3rd party software" ←← This user hates the sand to water ratio of NF and blood and guts are even less appealing. This wiki user owns gw2 but does not enjoy it or play it much. This wiki user thinks the bridge to Sun Docks should go there from near the BMP NPC's. This wiki user is professional about absolutly nothing. This wiki user is from the USA and as such speaks/writes English good ;). This wiki user enjoys mildly confusing amounts of text in large blocks. This human is sometimes incompatible with their human interface devices. This wiki user believes in the infinite power of an OSKB-TYPINGFAIL (on-screen keyboard). THIS WIKI USER CHEST RUNS (mostly) SOLO AS A SIN (chest run hero teams r 4 the lazy / pogmei / boreal). This wiki user has no clue what ur talking abo0t. This wiki users alt has the same score as the account u might be judging them on. This wiki user has completed WiK on 6+ characters. This wiki user believes some words serve no useful purpose.

User Durp da durp Totally-not-a-userbox.jpg (Note to self don't link that to This )

Ok finally made one ^_^

Mental Block.jpg This user is with stupid! <-Click Here!

If Ur in Kamadan U might need one of these[edit]

Really I don't troll ppl except ppl who r trolling (except within reason). If I say it i mean it and its not just to flame ppl. Fitting its a Cockatrice Staff, most trolls are sorta... umm can't say that word. ^_^ This is not saying i do or do not troll. I do try to not use offensive language. I do try to not to flame individuals. I do try to promote a discussion in hopes of a positive change. Everyone has a mischievous side. Durp da durp 21:59, 15 December 2012 (UTC) User Durp da durp Trollmadan-Preparedness-Staff.jpg

Find a "Match" for Kieran[edit]

The guys got a semi distictive flame. I'm not sure Gwen is quite the right "match" for him. Odd, Kieran form in the Hearts missions has the giant flame but the tonic its more normal size :(

User Durp da durp Find-kierans-match.jpg

Character I kinda wanted to make but never did[edit]

"Perma Nente" I prolly don't need to explain it, but i think it would be kinda funny. >.< Ok... maybe i should explain a little of it... is even Perma permanent? What about the incubii near the door from Arbor Bay to Riven Earth? They will strip enchants but you can make it past... and the south edge of Riven is a nice bit of terrain if you follow a good path. When I first started doing EotN tours i made it the first try. At first i didn't have IAU and didn't know the way to Tarnished Haven from Rata. I would leave Vlox thru Arbor Bay out the west door and then due south. Gettng past the Quetzal that try and cripple was hard. At least i learned the other way after someone showed me.

User Durp da durp PermaNente.jpg

I Like Running[edit]

Build coulda been better thought out but w/e it made it so who cares. I just didn't wanna get a different condition removal skill or get IAU. It was NM so normally just about anything works. Did rankor > dwc > granite the next day too. Solo monk ey ing around running.( run iron mines w/ heros flagged then they fight squidworth after the cutscene) Btw that monk is one of many. She is the semi lazy natriopath ([[sic]]? My spelling sux) hippyish semi lazy character based on someone. I might have taken the lazy part too far, she was still in n00b island istan until a month or 2 ago... i made her sometime around NF release. W/E idgaf i generally don't reroll most characters. I run in game because i feel like my life is stuck in one spot. I have some health problems that prevent me from doing much recently. Running in game is my way of feeling like making forward progress. Often it is to give eotn tours or certain runs that not many ppl do anymore or run chests around factions in hopes of finally finding something i've been looking for.

User Durp da durp Like-it-here.png

Yes, my userpage looks like a talk page[edit]

You mean you don't talk to yourself? 😆 Durp da durp (talk) 22:11, 27 January 2022 (UTC)