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Monk-icon.png Dimitri Silentsoul

  • Birthday: June 2005
  • Experience: 1,935,434
  • Total skill points: 212
Ingame Achievements
  • Seeker of Wisdom (1) with 125 identified
  • Treasure Hunter (1)
  • Explored 74.4% of Tyria
  • Explored 45.7% of Cantha
  • Explored 76.1% of Elona
  • Spearmarshal (9)
  • Conquering Commander (6)
  • Captured Elite skills: ?

Martyr (Core) Word of Healing (Core)

Blood is Power (Core) Grenth's Balance (Core) Lingering Curse (Core) Tainted Flesh (Core)

  • Captured Elite skills: ?

Feast of Corruption (Prophecies) Life Transfer (Prophecies) Spiteful Spirit (Prophecies)

  • Captured Elite skills: ?'

Animate Flesh Golem (Factions) Cultist's Fervor (Factions) Discord (Factions) Spoil Victor (Factions) Vampiric Spirit (Factions) Wail of Doom (Factions)

  • Captured Elite skills: ?

Depravity (Nightfall) Order of Undeath (Nightfall) Reaper's Mark (Nightfall) Signet of Suffering (Nightfall)

Hex Eater Vortex (Nightfall) Signet of Illusions (Nightfall)