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Screenshot notes
  1. F Lock! Hide all your interfaces with CTRL + SHIFT + H.
  2. Type something like [[File:Piken Square (pre-Searing).jpg]]; follow the red link to Upload dialogue.
  3. Browse for the file you want, click screenshot + then press upload (where the save button is for regular editing).
Texmod notes
  • Choose "Logging Mode" instead of "Package Mode" after selecting guild wars.
  1. Set the output format to .dds if you have photoshop or .png if you don't.
  2. Set the log key to something that isn't logout, e.g. f8.
  3. Click run.
  • When the game loads you'll see an extracted texture in the upper left corner, pressing the + or - buttons on your keyboard will cycle through the available textures.
  1. The easiest way to get this texture would be to go into the BMP, open your mission map, and hold down the + button until your mission map goes green and you see a transparent copy of the mission map in the left-hand corner. Then press your logging key (probably f8, depending on choice above).
  2. Exit gw, go to the output folder (texmod tells you the location of it), and finally upload the file to the wiki




Piken Square[edit]

Green Hills caravan[edit]

Sanctum Cay monastery[edit]

Abandoned village[edit]

Vulture Drifts graveyard[edit]

Leah's island[edit]

Alternative shots[edit]