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Update The latest game update was on May 14, 2024
Update The latest game update was on May 14, 2024
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Main Page[edit]

  • Name
Fantil Swift
  • Age
  • Gender
Female.png Female
  • Location
Ontario, Canada
  • Appearance
5'5 and a Half, Pale Skin, Dark Brown Hair
  • Intrests
Guildwars, Music, Reading, Gaming, Creating/Editing (Can't You Tell? Lol)
  • Guildwars Related Intrests
I love Nightfall, therefore most of my characters are from Nightfall. My favorate profession is Elementalist and my favorate element is fire. I enjoy hanging out with friends and doing PvE related things. I dislike PvP alot. The thing I most enjoy about doing in GW would most likely be, getting all the really nice elementalist armors for Fantil Swift, even though I may hate farming, I love getting armors. My favorate tamable pets in GW would pbbly be Both the Orange Tiger and the White Tiger, and White and Black Wolves. When Im not doing PvE related things, I am most likely hanging out with friends in either Shing Jea Monastery, Great Temple of Balthazar, or my Guild Hall.

My Character stories in a little more detail can be found Here

Current Projects[edit]

  • Remaking Custom Skill Icons for All Dwarven, and Assassin Skills (Using Texmod)
  • Modding My characters to look cool (Using Texmod)
  • Find the Texture of the pretty effects of stuff, then mod it to hell xD (Using Texmod)
Got A Request For Me to Modd W/e? Ask on my talk page!
  • Redo my GWW Userspace Alot of Times for no Reason

Texmod Mods[edit]


Insane Obessions With[edit]

Insane Obsessions With [CATS]
Position: Co-Leader
Current Alliance: Eternal Clarity
Alliegnce: Luxon


  • Each of the Song Quotes on Whatever character page of mine I have on here, that is a song quote, was not made by me and was made ny whatever band made them... Blah Blah Blah
  • However, I did make a few of them myself so, Good job to me!

My Memories[edit]

After many hours/months of farming, I FINALLY got my ele her max survivor, and her 10th max title. User Fantil Swift Leg Survivor.png

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OMG I'm a gamer chick!
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