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Once upon a time...[edit]

A warrior/monk finished all the missions he had available, and started looking for something else to do. While in the Temple of the Ages he saw a group looking for more people, and he sent a message. The group told him to link his build, and he did so.

"LOL n00b" they said.
"Why?" he asked, but got no answer.

He tried again with another group, and the same happened. And, after 15 minutes, the group again shouted in local: "LF obsidian tank".

"Hey, i can tank too" he said. "Lol noob" was the answer.
"Why lol? I may not be what you are looking for, but i have fast legs, quick reflexes, and a reusable rez if shit happends" he said. "lawl n00bzorz roflcopter lolol!!!11oneone01" was the answer.
"Why lol? Sure, it may take me twice the time to accomplish anything, but i get things done in the end.", and after a few minutes someone else told him "Sorry, we are trying to finish the zone, and trying to do it as fast as possible. If we take you it would take too much time, and would mean we would need to put too much attention babysitting you".

And so, the warrior/monk left the zone, and went back to playing hard mode missions with henchmen, because there was nothing else he could do in GW.

Now, my friend, you who actually laughed to the story of the newbie who thought he could play a Paladin in Guild Wars, take your time, and replace:

  • warrior/monk with "normal player"
  • link his build with "show his Norn rank"
  • tank too with "be more useful than what you are looking for"
  • obsidian tank with "ursan r10"
  • reusable rez with "good build"
Info-Logo.png Note: The irony is ironic, isn't it?